Malina Schneider grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. She moved to the east coast to attend New York University.  During the nine years she spent in New York City, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and worked in finance. With a move to Morristown New Jersey, Schneider transitioned from finance to freelancing as a Studio Artist and Art Director.  Later in the Hudson Valley, New York State, she became a rock and ice climbing guide and high altitude mountaineer; owning her own company.  The Mohonk Preserve (Gunks) and surroundings were her home and she climbed there and traveled climbing internationally for more than ten years.  Retiring from climbing in 2005 she moved to Danbury Connecticut, where she now lives.


Schneider’s interest in art did not come about, rather, she grew up in a house filled with art, music, and literature.  At about five or six she was set in front of a spare easel with a canvas and paints.  It was then that she knew she was a painter.  Schneider spent the years before attending NYU listening, absorbing and learning from the artist’s around her and spent endless hours in museums.  Largely self-taught, Schneider describes herself as a “self-made” artist.


Schneider began showing her work at the Art in the Park art festival in Wilton, CT in 2017  receiving a Judges Choice Award. In the years since her paintings have been on exhibit and in shows in Connecticut.



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