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Malina Schneider grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. She began painting at an early age.  Malina was drawn to oil as a medium, however, was directed to use acrylic initially.  Thus starting her life long use of both mediums interchangeably.


As a teenager, Malina Schneider took figurative drawing and painting courses at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  The training she received then provided the fundamentals and foundation for her future as a self taught artist.  It was then she discovered her love of photography and videography.  Malina utilizes still photography and video as part of her working process and as another medium of expression.


Malina Schneider moved to the east coast to attend New York University. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. During the nine years she spent in New York City, she worked in finance. Malina transitioned from finance to freelancing as a Studio Artist and Art Director. Later Malina became a rock and ice climbing guide and high altitude mountaineer; owning her own company. The Mohonk Preserve (Gunks) and surroundings were her home and she climbed there and traveled climbing internationally for more than a decade. Retiring from climbing in 2005 she moved to Danbury Connecticut, where she now lives.


Malina Schneider began showing her work at Weir Farm’s Art in the Park festival in Wilton, CT in 2017, receiving a Judges Choice Award. She is a member of the Katonah Museum Artists' Association (KMAA), Washington Art Association (WAA) and The Society of Creative Arts of Newtown (SCAN) serving as a member of the board.


As an artist my work is at times realistic; representing actual landscapes, people, and situations. At other times it veers into interpretation and improvisation.


My paintings portray naturalistic representations rooted in realism. They are depictions of real, rather than idealized environments, portraying fine detail and representational correctness. I paint what I experience, as I have experienced it. I draw upon traditional artistic methods while reflecting the spirit of the moment in a contemporary style.


At other times my paintings reflect the mood, feeling, and thoughts resulting in impressionism. My work conveys the feeling and texture of subjects with liberties taken in their portrayals. My interpretation of what I observe can be quirky and whimsical at times. I often take elements from various situations and create compositions to reflect my thoughts. From there, I spin off in rifts of improvisation; an elaboration of the feeling, mood, and emotion.  


My painting process is traditional oil though I paint interchangeably with acrylic. I spend a lot of time exploring and studying the subject of my painting before forming compositions. I work ergonomically with an organic creative process.


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